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Geographical Coverage

|Retail Establishments|
Cobay have seven retail running under different company name Nintendo establishments in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor area that showcase our products, and they are located at:


Each retail establishment is a part of a major indoor shopping centre that adds to the prestige of our products.

|Family Friendly Policies|
Cobay has set a very high standard with regard to Family-friendly Policies to ensure that all of our customers enjoy our retail establishments in a safe and healthy environment. . All our establishments have the same Family-friendly policies in the areas of:

  • Lighting – Each of our retail outlets is well lit to ensure user comfort when using the machines and easy supervision of younger children.
  • Shopping complex security – Each of our outlets is located inside a shopping centre to ensure safety and provides convenient toilets, facilities and restaurants.
  • Seating – There are seats available for parents and children.
  • Layout – Our outlets have an open layout that allows easier supervision of children and there is space behind each machine for a parent to supervise and assist a child.
  • Tokens – All of our machines are controlled by tokens, so that parents can control the amount of money being spent on machines.
  • Non-smoking policy – All of our outlets operate a strict non-smoking policy for safety and comfort.
  • Students in school uniforms – Students in school uniform will not be admitted into the arcade. (And where possible they will be sent back to school)
  • Attendants – All of our outlets are supervised by well-trained employees who are able to provide advice on how to play the games and which games that are suitable for younger children.
  • Quality of machines – We only use the highest quality machines in our outlets that conform to the highest safety standards.
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